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Where can I write a review?

We strive to be as transparent as possible but we are always balancing that with privacy and your data. In order to be as impartial as possible we do not request or collect any reviews via our systems or servers. Review requests are made in line with our third party review platforms processes and systems. We do not have access to directly request reviews from our customers all requests are made by a third party review platform.

To avoid false reviews only verified purchases are sent requests several weeks or months after purchase. The third party review platform also may not request a review from every verified purchase due to limitations on systems and the volume of orders we process. Some reviews left via the third party platform may be moderated based on inappropriate content or language, we have no control of this moderation. We are unable to provide further information about how the third party platform processes its requests as we do not have access to this information ourselves. We hope this helped you better understand the process.

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