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Payment refused or checkout not working?

Which payment method are you choosing, there are 3 methods:

1. Authorised Business Account ( DO NOT select this unless you have been approved by our presales team)

This payment method cannot be used unless you have spoken to our presales team first and been approved a business account.

2. PayPal

This method can be used either with or without a paypal account. You can select this option to log into paypal or to simply pay by card.

3. Debit or Credit Card Payment (Recommended)

This is our preferred payment method, try use this method. If this method doesn't work you can try paypal and vice versa.

If options 2 or 3 don't work it is probably the card you are using. Please try to pay again using a different card if you have one.

If there are any error messages please let us know what it says as these usually help to work out whats wrong.

Please make sure you are clicking proceed or next at the checkout once you've entered payment information.

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