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OKI printing problems and fixes

Most of the OKI printing difficulties you might encounter have a simple solution. Before consulting a service representative, make sure you check the table below to see if there is a "quick fix" or something you might have overlooked.


Printing Blank sheets printed, or sheets with black stripes.
Image drum cartridge may have been exposed to light.
Leave the drum cartridge in total darkness for several hours. If this fails to restore it, replace the image drum cartridge.
Page prints blank.
Transfer wire broken, dirty, or defective, so no charge is delivered.
Clean transfer wire if dirty; if broken or defective, have unit serviced.
Empty toner cartridge.
Replace the toner cartridge.
Entire page prints faintly.
Toner cartridge is empty. Change toner cartridge. Pages get fainter and fainter after toner is used up.
Page has gray background.
Static electricity, generally from dry, cotton fiber papers, causes toner to stick to background.
Change papers to an acceptable laser bond or use a humidifier.
Page prints all black.
Charge wire broken or defective, so no charge applied to drum.
Replace the image drum cartridge.
Hardware problem.
See your service representative.
Page has repetitive marks.
Defective image drum cartridge causes repetitive marks every 3.7 inches due to surface nicks and scratches.
Change the image drum cartridge.
Rollers are dirty, creating "pockmarks".
Change fuser cleaner pad.
If the repetitive marks occur 2.5 inches apart, you may need service.
See your service representative.
Page has small random spots.
Fuser roller is dirty
Take out fuser cleaner pad, clean gray fuser roller underneath with cotton swab, put back fuser cleaner pad.
An oblong area of faint print appears on each page.
"Dropout" caused by using cotton bonds in high humidity.
Change paper stocks, or use a dehumidifier.
Dirty transfer wire or toner is low.
Clean transfer wire. Check toner.
Vertical white streaking or faint areas on page.
Toner is low and does not distribute properly or the drum needs replacing.
Replace toner cartridge.
Check drum and replace the drum, if necessary.
See your service representative.
LED array dirty.
Clean LED array.
Horizontal black lines on page.
Fusing unit dirty.
Replace fuser pad.
Vertical black lines.
Scratched image drum.
Replace the image drum cartridge.
Hardware problem.
See your service representative.
Vertical black line on right side.
The charge wire cleaning tab is not in its proper position.
Move the cleaning tab to the extreme right.
Vertical black lines, smeared.
Dirty or worn fuser roller cleaner.
Replace the fuser cleaner.
Distorted print
Paper path, LED assembly, or fusing unit problem.
See your service representative.
Smeared or blotched print.
Defective fuser assembly or other hardware problem.
See your service representative. 

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