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How to reset the drum counter in a brother laser printer

The drum in your Brother printer has a 20,000-page lifespan. You should maintain the drum and the toner cartridges in your printer regularly. When your drum counter nears the 20,000-page mark, the LED light on the printer will illuminate, warning you that you should replace the drum. Reset the counter every time you replace the drum.



· Open the front cover of your Brother printer. Grasp the drum unit and pull it straight out of the printer. The drum unit is the entire unit that holds the toner cartridge.

· Set the drum unit on a table or similar area. Press the lock lever with your right hand while pulling the toner cartridge out of the drum unit with your left.

· Push the toner cartridge into the new drum unit until it clicks to signal that it is in place. The lock lever automatically lifts up when the toner cartridge locks in position.

· Insert the drum unit into the printer. Push the “Control Panel” button until all of the LED lights on the printer illuminate. Close the front cover and confirm that all of the LEDs are off, including the drum alert light.

Reset the printers counter as shown in the manual.

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