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What happens if I install a mixture of compatible and genuine cartridges?

When using compatible ink cartridges you must install a full set all in one go. Every slot in the printer must have a compatible cartridge installed, black(s) and all the colours.
If you install a mixture of compatible and genuine cartridges the printer will say the compatible cartridges installed are “not compatible” and will refuse to print.
The only way to get the printer to print again is to install a full set of genuine cartridges. Follow the steps below:

1. Remove all the cartridges currently installed in the printer and turn the printer off. Leave it off for 15 minutes then turn it back on

2. Install a full set genuine inks cartridges in the printer. It doesn’t matter if the cartridges are brand new, half full, or even empty, they just need to be genuine cartridges (ones that are designed for the printer model obviously). Once they’re installed, view the ink level monitor and see that the inks are registering correctly.

3. To use compatible ink cartridges in the printer, remove all the genuine cartridges and replace them all with compatible cartridges. This must be done in one go

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